I founded the Pexeso kennel in 2001. I got my first Gordon for the worst possible reason because I liked it.

I took my first female Gordon Yoli fromPodmaršovice, which I called Cheera. Unfortunately, she died of psoriasis in eight months.

I did not blame, and from Podmaršovice I brought my second puppy, Zita, hearing the name of Tai-Chi. Tai-Chi has had two puppies in her life, and from her second litter I left Aska Pexso's female.

She also had two litters of puppies, and from the second litter I also wanted to leave a female. A little bit complicated, and finally Cink Pexeso.

Since I always wanted a female, I bought a puppy from the breeding station Scotch do pole from Mr. Zdeněk Hejzlar after the death of Aasha.

I am a rescue kynologist with my dogs and I am a member of the Rescue Brigade of the Czech Republic.